New LED Lighting Product Rolls Off the Assembly Line

May 31st, 2017


It's always satisfying to see another Fernekes Designs project in production!

This is the latest in a series of high performance DMX lighting fixtures developed for artist Erwin Redl.

Erwin sets the bar high, his installations are exercises in precision and detail, he insists on the best possible aesthetic outcome. Light under complete control.

These light tubes feature:

  • Custom gamma curves for each channel, R,G,B, uploadable.
  • Constant current regulated drive - no loss of brightness with supply voltage drop.
  • Wide input voltage range 20-36 VDC.
  • Energy efficient design - cool and reliable performance.
  • 16 bit high frequency PWM - flicker is imperceptible.
  • All configuration is done using admin application.
  • Admin application has many convenient features to aid in installation and commissioning.