New York’s Madison Square Park Lights Up with LED Lighting Designed by Fernekes Designs

November 23rd, 2017

LED artist Erwin Redl's latest public artwork "Whiteout" consists of almost 1000 weatherproof LED balls suspended in Madison Square Park. The piece provides a stunning choreographed light show that plays elegantly throughout the array.

Design Challenge:

The design challenge was to develop a strategy focused on simplifying the wiring to the absolute minimum, while providing the most even, smooth lighting effect.


Each ball contains it's own dedicated switch-mode constant current driver which ensures that each LED is driven by a precise current level, regardless of wiring voltage drops. The driver also provides efficient power conversion, allowing the use of thin wires to distribute the power. Dimming is accomplished via a 3rd wire, which controls the fixture brightness level.

Environmental Protection:

Each ball is totally encased in resin, making it totally waterproof.
Casting was done in a 2 step process using opaque and clear resins to create a clean looking package.